I Rise

Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome! I wanted to start this blog for many, many years but always let self-doubt come in the way of it. Not anymore! As I take the first and somewhat scary steps into this blogging journey, I would like to share with you a little about myself and why I chose to blog anonymously.

My story is one of trauma, self-healing and triumph. I will write and share with you every aspect of my life without hesitation. It will be like therapy for me, but at the same time I hope to connect with and relate to people out there who have had similar experiences as mine. By remaining anonymous I can share things with you that I probably would not share otherwise. I want to be able to write freely without fear of backlash from people who know me. Writing anonymously allows me to share my most authentic self, without filtering what I say about myself and others. In turn, you get an my honest and real story without dancing around what I really want to say in fear of being judged. I know that there’s a chance of someone coming across my blog who may know me and may figure out who I am. If that’s the case, then congratulations! You win absolutely nothing! I want YOU to know it’s okay. I am not hiding. I’m just hidden. 😉

I always knew that writing about my life would help people, but people aren’t always nice and I feared I would be ridiculed. Although I’ve grown a lot since then and understand a troll will be a troll, no one wants to be attacked by strangers or by the people in their life because they feel like they’re being exposed. With that said, blogging anonymously will protect my immediate and extended family as well as myself. Even though my family have caused me a great deal of pain, I don’t want anyone going after them. I am in the process of forgiving them. I want to move on from them and not interested in reconciling, but at the same time I don’t want to stir up more trouble. I just want the dust to settle so I can move on with my life. I deserve that much.

I know I am not the only person who has experienced childhood trauma, homelessness, being a teen mom and single parent, navigating life with no family support, choosing bad partners, and having to turn to the government for help and being shamed for it by people who have no idea what struggle and real pain looks like. We don’t get to choose our circumstances and what we are born into, so we should never be ashamed of that. I hope to create a space where people like me feel safe, seen and heard.

As far as labeling this blog into a category, I don’t want to. Plain and simple. I will be talking about life and everything in between. I talk about God, but don’t worry. I’m not here to preach, but to praise God for how far he has brought me. My first blog post will be my testimony. I encourage you to read it whether you’re religious or not. It was hard for me to share that story, but I felt God wanted me to. Writing my testimony gave me the courage to start my blog. I’ll share my journey from being a high school dropout, single mom working dead-end jobs who was once homeless, to receiving a college degree, marrying my soulmate and moving to my dream city! The last part all happened within the last year! *Pssssst* The secret is gratitude. 😉

I love to cook, and people tell me I do it well. I’d love to share that with you. My husband and I are looking to embark on new endeavors and adventures. I’d love to share that journey as well. So, you can see why it would be hard for me to categorize this blog. However, if I must choose, then you can consider this a lifestyle blog/magazine. I would love to have guest writers who can share their experiences, advice and stories. My target audience would be anyone interested in taking a peak into my life, but I would love to reach anyone looking to connect with a person who has or had the same life experiences. People who are lost, broken and looking for hope.

Lastly, I want the tone of this blog to be of positivity and hope. I want it to reflect forgiveness, kindness, but most importantly love. I want people to know it’s ok to be kind to the world, even though the world hasn’t been kind to you. By doing so, we can begin to create a world filled with love. Im doing my part by sharing my story and encouraging others that they can change their circumstances if they choose love and gratitude. If I help only one person realize they can do anything and obtain anything they want if they change their mindset, it would be worth it for me. If you follow me, you will read about people I am still trying to fully forgive, so my tone in speaking about them might not be the greatest. Im still working on it. Although I want this to be about showing love and forgiveness, I am human and sometimes lack in that department. I fall victim to pettiness when I am provoked by people who want to see me fall hard. I am a work in progress and don’t claim to be perfect.

What I want to achieve with this blog in the long run is to share my personal stories and share what I did to achieve my goals. I used to think my situation would never change. For a long time, I thought I would work as a lunch lady at that dead-end job for the rest of my life, until one day I decided that I am not settling for that. I wanted more. I deserve more than to be overlooked by people who didn’t even make much more than me at the time. When I did that, God took care of the rest. I want you to realize your own power. You have it. It’s in there! I feel like I have so many stories to share that can encourage people and give them hope, and I cannot wait to share them now that I am here! You can overcome anything.

So here I am. Putting myself out there without putting myself out there. Here goes something! 🙂

There I go!